From cottage business to leading transcription services company in the UK

cottage-industryIsabel’s started as a small transcription services company based in Scotland. Isabel herself started off transcribing the work for clients until the demand became too much and she had to employ experienced transcribers to help her with the workload. Very soon she grew the company into a nice profitable cottage industry style business.

A leading transcription services company

Over the years the company has grown from strength to strength and is now the leading transcription services business in Scotland and one of the leading in the UK. Isabel retired from the business a few years ago and her son took over and now runs the company from the head office in Edinburgh and has a team of office staff, marketers and typists steadily building the business and providing the same quality of service that Isabel built the business on.

Online marketing

Probably the main reason for the expansion of the business was the investment in internet marketing that saw the company’s website jump up in the search engines and take prominent position for many of the main keywords that people search for transcription services, typing services and secretarial services. However, in May 2012 the Google Penguin algorithm was released and the site took a terrible fall from the search engines. This was mainly due to bad link building campaigns undertaken by outsourced SEO agencies when the company first launched its service online. Thankfully Isabel’s had developed a great reputation for quality fo service and the business kept on coming in through word of mouth and repeat business, especially through the universities that list Isabel’s as a ‘preferred supplier’.


Other advances have been made in the technology that our company uses such as the workflow management system which makes the life of the clients, typists and back office staff very easy. Not only does it help with managing the workflow, but it aids with our strict data protection policies and adds additional security.

Not only can clients upload work very quickly and easily, but they can monitor the progress of their work throughout the life-cycle of the project. A system like this is crucial for a company that transcribes hundreds of hours of audio and maintains relationships with some of the largest organisations in the country as well as large team of typists.

Service, service, service

From day one the company was built on providing and exemplary service and this is still our core value that we focus on. Our clients come first and thankfully this mantra has kept us in business through some tough economic times where most other transcription companies have fallen by the wayside.

This is further demonstrated in our guarantee to all our clients. If you are not happy with our service in any way we will not only give you your money back, but we will also pay for another transcription services company of your choice to complete that transcript for you.


We have moved from being solely a transcription services agency to now offering a wider variety of services. Last year we opened our content writing services division of the company under the name Elite Writers and provide article writing and copywriting for some of the largest companies in the world. From there we also offer internet marketing products and services to help SMEs with their online marketing campaigns.

We have our sights set on translation as well and although this is in the pipeline and the systems are set up we are waiting as per our plan to launch into that field as well.

The future for transcription services

With technology developing at the rate it is, it will only be a matter of time before our industry is completely obsolete. Voice recognition software has come on leaps and bounds in the last ten years and although it still can’t manage to decipher strong accents, nuances and people smart-phonetalking over each other, as in the case with focus groups and interviews, it isn’t far off.

Even the smartphone in your pocket has some amazing voice recognition software and can normally transcribe a simple dictation if you speak slowly and precisely. The smarphone has even done away with a lot of the voice dictation machines that people used to use to record interviews, focus groups and dictation. No doubt they have seen their profits dwindle as has our industry in the last few decades.

However, for the moment Isabel’s maintains a strong position in the focus group and interview transcription market servicing universities and research group, the NHS and other organisations throughout the UK.