Focus Group Transcription Services

typistsFocus Group Transcription Services is among the fastest growing professional services in the UK today. With the tough economic market there has been a sharp increase in market research companies who are actively helping large companies and corporations to better focus their advertising efforts.

At Isabel’s Typing Services we take the utmost care with each job we undertake. We can provide you the highest possible quality focus group transcriptions available in the market. Our rates are exceptional for the level of quality we offer and we will complete the work accurately and on time as per our guarantee! We will work with any type of audio and any number of speakers. We regularly complete focus group transcription services for audios that contain 4 voices or more and many different accents.

I can say I am very pleased you met deadlines and from my part I have received very good customer service from the organisation and would be pleased to recommend it to others

Glasgow Caledonian University

Our offices are located in Glasgow, Scotland and we can easily accommodate the fine Scottish accent which can cause problems for many people. If you need your focus group transcriptions fast and accurate you are in the right place. You can trust Isabel’s Typing Services to meet all of your requirements. Our professionals are highly trained in transcribing and are always spot on! Outsourcing your focus group transcription services to Isabel’s could be the smartest most economical choice you make for your company.

If you would like more information on our transcription services and secretarial services then please contact us and we will be more than happy to answer any of your questions. Alternatively, why not email us or call us on 0141 280 2100 now for a free quote.