Transcription Services Rates and Pricing

Our transcription services rates and pricing are calculated on a per recorded minute basis. You will therefore be able to calculate exactly how much our transcription services will cost to the penny. VAT is NOT applicable.

Transcription Services Rates and Pricing Table

 Transcription Services Per recorded minute
 Interview transcription services £1.20
 Focus group transcription services £1.40

The per audio minute rates for our transcription services only apply to good quality, clearly audible recordings.

We can offer 24 hour turnaround for transcription services projects of up to 5 hours of audio. However, if your project is over 5 hours of audio in total, we would prefer you contact us as soon as possible so we can arrange our resources accordingly.

We do offer high volume discounts with our transcription services and would be happy to discuss your project with you to seean old transcription services typewriter if we can offer a reduced rate.

Although most work is returned within 2 working days, please refer to our guidelines and contact us if your project is urgent.

Focus group transcription services

Focus group transcription services usually includes any audio where more than two people are speaking. However, if you do not require each person speaking to be referenced by name of pseudonym we would be able to offer our focus group transcription services at the same rate as our interview transcription services. In this case, we would highlight the moderator in bold and the other people speaking in the focus group in plain text. We can also make a note each time a person begins speaking to help differentiate a change in the conversation.

If you have any questions about our transcription services, please give us a call and we will be very happy to help and answer any questions.