Transcription Work Guidelines & Application

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First of all, thank you for supporting Isabel’s Typing Services, we couldn’t do it without you. Isabel’s Typing Services was started by Isabel McDonald and her friends to offer a professional online transcription service of excellent quality.

We want to be a friendly company and develop long term, working relationships not just with our clients, but also with you, the people and backbone of our company. We are therefore open to any suggestions or ideas you may have to improve on our service to you and our clients, who at the end of the day are your clients too.

If you could take the time to read this document and fill in and return the form we can get started in processing your application, setting you up with our online workflow system and you can begin downloading voice files and transcribing!

What is Scribemanager

Scribemanager is our online workflow management system for downloading voice files and uploading the finished transcript. It manages 99% of our workflow and will be the method used for alerting you to any work that is available for transcription.

Transcription jobs are servered out automatically and when you log in to Scribemanager you will see a list of jobs available to “claim” and transcribe. The system works on a first come first served basis, so it is important you are attentive and regularly check Scribemanager and your email for job alerts.

Once you have filled in the online application below, sent us your CV, and should we accept your application, you will be set up on Scribemanager and an automated message will be sent to your email address with instructions on what to do next. The first action you will be asked to do is change your password. Only you will ever know your password and not even the technical support team can discover it, therefore it is important you remember it. However, should you forget it, all you need to do is contact us and we can issue you another password which will be sent to your email account via Scribemanager.

All relevant information pertaining to the transcription, such as styles, layouts and rates of pay are stored in Scribemanager for you to view and read as and when you require. Any information or notes you need to add regarding your completed transcript, or any other details important to the job, can also be added to the system quickly and easily. It is important that this is kept up to date as there will probably be other people working on the same voice file or transcription and relevant information and notes can save us all a lot of time.

It is important you get to know Scribemanager and feel comfortable using it. It really is simple to use, but if you do have any questions please just contact us and we will explain anything you need to know.


Quality is what Isabel’s Typing Services is built on. If we do not provide the quality to our clients we will lose them to another transcription company. We would prefer you take the extra time to check your work to be sure it is up to the high quality and accuracy our clients expect of us before uploading work to Scribemanager.

If the work is not up to standard it will be sent back to you to be corrected, however, this is time consuming and will only be permitted in a few instances. If work continues to be substandard you will be taken off of our systems and may not get paid for the substandard work you have submitted.

If you are ever not sure about the style of transcription required please contact us for clarification. We are always more than happy to help and at the cost of an email or telephone call we can all make sure we work more efficiently and save us all time and money in the long run.

Accepting Work

A description of what each job entails will be available to view in the “Notes to Typist” window and “Transcript History” window for each job. The rate of pay per recorded minute will be displayed and the due date when the work needs to be completed by as well. Hopefully all the information you would need to decide whether you want to accept the work will be available within Scribemanager for each job. However, should you require extra information or have any questions you can contact us directly and we will do our best to answer any questions.

Once a job has been accepted you will have 20 minutes to check the voice file for quality of recording and to determine if it is the job you were expecting from the notes and description. If within this time you decide you wouldn’t want to accept the work you can contact us to cancel your request for the work and all we request is you explain the reasons as to why you wouldn’t want to accept the work in case we need to be alerted to a problem there may be with the voice file or type of work requested by the client.

It is very important that should you cancel a request for work via Scribemanager you contact us within the allotted time so we can allocate the work to another team member. Failure to do this could cause us problems with our client’s deadlines and your details may be taken off the Scribemanager system for future work.


We receive urgent work all the time and at some strange hours of the day or weekend. When informing us of your availability for work it is important you are accurate and are definitely available at the times you state. It is very time consuming to have to contact typists to send them urgent work only to discover they are not available to do the work and precious hours can be lost waiting for response by emails or making telephone calls.

We will look favourably upon typists who make our time working together enjoyable and efficient. In the application form we ask for your contact details including telephone numbers, email addresses, Skype contact details, MSN contact details and any other form of quick contact you may use. You will receive more work if you are contactable at a moment’s notice within the times you state you are available.


We make payments for all transcription work completed, proof checked, accepted and invoiced by the 30th of the month and request the same payment terms we reserve for our clients of 30 days.


We are a friendly company and would like to create a community of professionals who are like minded in the desire to provide fast, friendly and accurate transcription services. We want to make your experience of working with us a great one where you gain the full advantage of working from home as your own boss.

We know that you probably come to us with vast experience and valuable knowledge and we don’t claim to know it all, far from it. Instead we are open-minded and open to your suggestions for any ideas you may have for improvement on our services to you and to our clients. If you have any ideas, no matter how small or even if you think them to be trivial or silly, please feel free to speak to us or contact us and let us know what you think and have to say. We value your efforts and energy and especially your opinion.

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