How Do I Upload Files?

At Isabel’s Typing Services our aim is to make your life simple.

Using our file upload system is simple and quick.

1) First of all, click on the handy red button in the top right corner of this page called Upload File. It looks like this:



This will take you to our workflow server where we use the latest SSL encrypted technology to ensure your files are uploaded safely.

2) Enter a contact email address. You can also choose to send files via email. Just click on the link below the window where you add your email address. You will find full instructions there.

3) Choose your deadline time and then date for the work to be completed by and add any important comments in the text window.

4) Click on “Select Files” and browse to your files and choose them for upload. Alternatively, you can choose the “Simple Uploader” option.

5) Once you have uploaded your files you will be able to request an account report that gives an update of the status of all your files.

Once we have finished transcribing your recordings we will email you the finished document directly to your email address.

Please visit our Transcription Services page for more information.