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Transcription Services Style

We offer two styles of online transcription service, "Unabridged Verbatim" and "Intelligent Verbatim". The most common style used by clients for interviews and focus groups is intelligent verbatim. However, we can accommodate for any variations of these two styles as per your request.

Simply download one of the templates and edit the instructions for formatting and styling your transcript as you require then upload it along with your audios and files to our secure servers via the UPLOAD page.

Transcription Services Templates
interview transcription template document Interview Transcription Template
focus group transcription template document Focus Group Transcription Template

For more information please visit the Verbatim Transcription Services page.

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48 hours: 12 hours:
Total Minutes:
Total Cost £

Transcription Services Rates

Our rates are calculated per recorded minute and apply to good quality, clearly audible recordings. Although most transcripts are returned within 2 working days please refer to our priority service to guarantee delivery within 12 hours.

Volume Discount

If you would like to discuss a discount for high volume projects, please contact us directly on 0141 280 2100, or via email at our Contact Us page.

Interview Transcription Services
48 hours £1.20
Priority - 12 hours £1.40
Focus Group Transcription Services
(4+ speakers)
48 hours £1.40
Priority - 12 hours £1.50

For more information, visit our transcription services Rates and Pricing page.

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Transcription Services Upload

1. Drag and drop your files to our secure upload server.
2. Add any important notes or comments.
3. Set your chosen deadline date and time.
4. Confirm with our admin team how you would like your transcripts formatted.
5. Receive your finished transcripts via email to your inbox.

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Payment for Transcription Services

Once you have uploaded files for transcribing you will be contacted regarding payment and receive payment instructions.

Our Guarantee

We have built our transcription services on our reputation and keeping our clients happy is our number one priority. We offer a full guarantee with our work and will continue working until you are completely satisfied.

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